Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Writing a Poem is Like Opening a Window

Writing a poem
is like opening a window
and letting fresh air
rush through a hot
stuffy room.
The air so thick it
stifles and strangles.
The hot breath of the
room reaching its thick
muggy fingers up your
and into your brain preventing
all thought. You
can't even breathe be-
cause the air's in your lungs
and wrapped around your
chest crushing you and
trapped you flail about for
the window
raise the glass
lean forward and
inhale, mouth
something clear, cool, and clean.

Monday, September 6, 2010


The villanelle is a poetry form based on repetition.


I like watching
the fish in the aquarium
watching them glide by

bright colors silent
sovereign in my eye
I like watching

the sparkle flashing by
light through water, shadows playing
watching them glide by

the best is walking underneath
like I am one of them
I like watching

heavy motion, effortless
fly by the plexiglas, leaving me behind
watching them glide by

I love the life, the beauty there
the untouched and serene
I like watching
watching them glide by.