Thursday, August 5, 2010

Celebration - Round Two

     As promised (although my follow through has been delayed, a thousand apologies [but not a thousand paper cranes, because that covers an entirely different scenario, and I can't think of a wish I want granted at the moment, except maybe a snow cone, but I can get one of those easily enough without learning how to make one paper crane, let alone folding a thousand] for said delay, but I'm following through now, so leave me be) this is a special blog post to celebrate the completion of the second draft of my novel Slayer.  You've heard (read) me talking (Tweeting, Facebooking, but if you insert these media-age verbs, change the previous "me" to "my" because I just don't do that pirate speak thing) about this novel, noticed my mentions of funny things my characters have done to me (I resorted to an unsuccessful bout of fist shaking at one point.  It even earned some retweets.) and I have shared a short paragraph (my favorite) from the novel in a previous blog post (celebrating the fact that I finished the book), but I haven't shared very much about what the novel is actually about (except for the small description I gave in my blog post on cursing [notice all of the teasers I'm giving you to direct you to my previous blog posts ;) ] ).  So, to celebrate the completed second draft, and the first third of the third draft (haha, numbers), I am sharing here, exclusively on my blog (because there's no other place to share it, really) the blurb (that's what I'm calling the portion of text I want to appear on the back cover of the book once it's published) for Slayer.  Without further ado (or parenthetical asides), I'd like to introduce you (okay, I lied) to my protagonist, Clarise, and my novel, (and you thought I was done) Slayer:

  It works a little like the old video game "Grand Theft Auto."  The more bodies I rack up, the more points I get.  But I play with the part of the game "Grand Theft Auto" never touches.  No matter how many points I get, at the end of the day, there's still a really big pile of bodies.

     We are the best.  We are ruthless.  We are lethal.  Pity is a thing despised in my world.  I only offer what I am given. 

     They call us Slayers, like the fabled vampire slayers.  In principle, it works the same.  I dispose of the bloodsuckers, the leeches, the men and women who want nothing more than to suck the earth dry for their own enjoyment.  It's incredible the things men will do for power.      Even more incredible the things they will do to stay in power.

There are thirty-nine of us now.  There would have been forty, but Nathan was killed.  Twenty-five work the desks, the admin.  That leaves thirteen of us as Slayers.  There should be fourteen, but Nathan died.  

     None of us has died before.



  1. Wow! How did you keep track of all of those parenthesis and inner brackets and all? Impressive.

    And I'm not commenting on your blurb (no this is not a comment on it. well.. okay, maybe it is) because, you know, I know what you know. ;) You know?

  2. LOL! It's a trick I learned from Gilmore Girls. And yes, I know! :)

  3. Congratulations! Drafts are rough to complete. It takes a lot of perseverance :)

  4. Thank you so much! Yes, I'm finding that this endurance part of the novel writing challenge is the most difficult. :)

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