Saturday, January 4, 2014

January Challenge Day 3

     Today I edited 26 pages of my novel, Slayer, and wrote 575 words in my YA fantasy novel, The Land of Faiyan. I've been doing all of this with a raging sinus infection so I'm pretty pleased with myself. I also figured out it takes about two handwritten pages on my cute legal paid (it has pink plaid at the top which makes it cute) to equal five hundred words in my word processor. It's nice to have some sort of idea where I'm at with my goal when I'm handwriting. Even better for my OCD, I managed to end this session of writing not only at the end of a section in the story but also at the end of a page. Sweet! In other news, I got to get out of the house for a little bit today with a good friend. We went to a local boutique market - a bunch of vendors share booth space in one large store - and I picked up a new writing mascot.
     I call him Pepe (like Pepe the King Prawn from The Muppets) the Penguin. He's been a great little muse this afternoon, something to fiddle with with one hand while I edited with the other. I love penguins so he's a perfect addition to my little stuffed animal collection. I'm a very tactile person - I learn kinesthetically and I love different textures and fabrics, especially super soft things like silks and microfiber blankets. I have two micro raschel blankets I absolutely love to snuggle under because they're so soft and soothing (One is Deadpool and the other is the TARDIS in case you were wondering). Anyway, many welcomes from me to my little Pepe mascot. Just a random, little girly type thing that made me happy today. I've been having a little bit of a rough couple of weeks so even though it may seem childish my penguin makes me happy and I thought I'd blog about it. Anyway, Pepe and I are off now, looking for some eggs.


  1. Aww! That's adorable! My sister is obsessed with penguins, to the point where we call her room the rookery! And there's nothing wrong with a stuffy that makes you happy! :D I firmly believe that being an adult means you get to enjoy the things you enjoy without feeling guilty about it. ;)

  2. Love the mascot! That's great to be able to work while being sick. You must be amazing! Good luck with keeping things going!

  3. I love penguins. I think a mascot is a great thing.
    Keep it up. Every page, hell, every word is a step forward :D


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