Friday, May 21, 2010

Why can't there be two L's in all of these words?

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A good friend brought it to my attention today that in my hasty typing on one of my website pages, I had misspelled "traveling" as "travelling."  And it got me thinking about all of the other words I try and add extra l's to.  Jewelry is one.  Canceled is another.  And that got me thinking even further (it's a dangerous process), why can't there be two l's in all of these words?  Maybe the l's get lonely all by themselves.  Maybe they would like being paired off.  After all, depending on how a person writes his or her capital i's, they look just the same as l's.  It can be very confusing.  So maybe the l's would feel less like i's and more like l's if they were off in pairs.  It's just a thought.  And the whole time I was having this very interesting conversation with myself, for some reason, bananas kept running through my head.  I don't know why.  But they did.  At the moment, though, I have given up my orthographic queries and am blogging happily with Driving Miss Daisy playing on the tv.  I have never seen it before, and in my opinion, it's as good as French.  Yes, I'll take some eggs, thank you.  Pass the ketchup.  Excellent movie.  These characters are fantabulous.  I love them.  I admire the writing of movies like this, films that give you a glimpse into the ordinary happenings of life, that follow and explore people and relationships instead of relying on special effects and thrills to move a plot along.  I always try and keep the people more prominent than the world in my work; that's where the story lies.  Constructing the world of a story is important, but not as important -- in my opinion -- as development of characters.  Oh, sad, Miss Daisy is showing signs of Alzheimer's, she thinks she's late for school and is very upset.  Very sad.  That's the only bad part, for me, about realistic dramas like this.  Real life is sad, and when a film is written to reflect real life, the movie winds up being sad.  I won't lie, movies like this are often times my very favorites.  They have the best writing, the best characters, and the most emotional impact.  Films like that stay with you.  They are the films that win awards.  But while I love and admire films like Splendor in the GrassThe Wild OneThis Property is Condemned, and I classify The Dark Knight in this category as well, they are not the films that I watch over and over again.  My spirit can't take that much sadness.  Which sounds funny when you consider the tone of my work (you can check out my poetry entries for an example) but I still need a break from heavy things like that.  The movies that I watch over and over and over again -- until I'm so familiar with them that I can turn them on at night to fall asleep to -- are the romantic comedies and animated films.  Movies that I can trust to have a satisfying ending and leave me relaxed and happy, instead of sad and depressed, albeit impressed.  Aw, Morgan Freeman is feeding Jessica Tandy her Thanksgiving pie!  It's so sweet.  This really is a good movie.  Okay, it didn't end with her dying, which I was afraid it would.  So maybe someday this could become a fall asleep to movie.  Although every time I hear the soundtrack it makes me think of The Holiday and the scene where Jack Black sings the melody to Kate Winslet in the Blockbuster store.  That's a fall asleep to movie.  My mother has just recommended Fried Green Tomatoes to me, also with Jessica Tandy.  Maybe I'll have to rent it on Netflix.  I still have The Prestige checked out from them, I need to watch it and send it back in so that I can get the next film on my list.  You would think considering the movie has Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, I would have had more of a fire under my butt about watching it.  Here's a thought, maybe I'll go put it in the DVD player and start watching it before I go to bed.  Or I could work on my novel some more.  Here's a quick update: 30,510 words.  I'm excited.  Everything handwritten has been typed into the computer.  It's time for some new stuff.  I'll explain about the handwriting in the next blog.  This isn't exactly the blog I was planning to write -- films weren't on my mind earlier in the day when I was thinking about this -- but I've enjoyed it.  Maybe you have too.  Pass the eggs.

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